Please call for information



  • Fundraiser orders should be placed at least 3 weeks prior to pick up dates;
  • Call to schedule fundraiser and check for availability (808) 205-0149;
    Kalua Pig Tub
    Call for options & details! 1 Lb. Hamburger Mix
    1 Lb. Marinated Beef Teriyaki
    1 Lb. Marinated Pork Teriyaki
    1 Lb. Boneless Marinated Chicken
  • Limit 2 items for fundraiser;
  • The contract must be completed when fundraiser is scheduled;
  • There is a $100 deposit to hold your date which is due at the time of scheduling your fundraiser;
  • You pay only for the tickets that are redeemed, plus 4.167% tax;
  • There is a 20% surcharge for unredeemed Plate Lunch tickets, and a 40% surcharge for unredeemed the Frozen Pack items;
  • If payment or arrangements are not made prior to pick up date fundraiser will be cancelled;
  • Any outstanding invoice will be turned over to Maui Collection Services;
  • You will need to print your own tickets, see samples;
  • We will need to proofread a sample ticket before printing to ensure correct information is on your tickets;
  • Tickets can be printed at Wailuku Rapid Print, 800 Eha Street, Wailuku, (244-9261).
Mahalo for supporting Takamiya Market and the community!